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BONNIE TYLER´S Total Eclipse of the Heart

Bonnie Tyler´s recording career has spanned (se ha extendido/ ha abarcado) almost 25 years and she remains (continúa) one of the most popular female singers that the UK has produced.

Born Gaynor Hopkings, 8th June 1951, in Shewen near Swansea, north Wales, Bonnie decided on (decide on: decidirse por) singing career after coming second in a local talent contest (concurso local de talentos) in 1969. At 17, she successfully auditioned (hizo pruebas) to join (para unirse a) resident band Bobby Wayne and the Dixies at the Townsman Club, Swansea, where talent scout Roger Bell, impressed by the distinct voice, suggested her (le propuso) to songwriter / producers Ronnie Scott and Steve Wolfe. A recording contract (contrato de grabación) with RCA records was arranged (se tramitó, se firmó), and with a name change to Bonnie Tyler.

After bubbling (burbujeante) outside the charts (listas de éxitos) for a couple of weeks, "Lost in France" hit the charts on 30th October 1976, remained on the charts for ten weeks. But it would be the second single "It´s A Hearthache", that would be Bonnie on the international music map becoming a huge hit (enorme éxito) in the UK and throughout Europe also achieving (alcanzando) million selling status on the USA charts.

The critically acclaimed debut album The World Starts Tonight was released (salió a la venta/ se hizo público) and included the follow up hit single "More than a Lover". Three more albums followed, Natural Force, Diamond Cut and Goodbye To the Island.

1981 saw Bonnie change direction and record label, singing with CBS and working with producer Jim Steiman, who has written anf originated the Bat Out to Hell album for Meat Loaf. This collaboration saw the release (estreno, publicación) of a classic power ballad "Total Eclipse of the heart". The song reached no 1 in nearly every country across the world, at its peak selling more than 60.000 copies a day. It also put Bonnie into the pop history books by becoming the first single recorded by a Welsh artist to reach no 1 on the USA Billboard Chart. The album, Faster than the Speed of Night that followed also, achieved pop history by entering the UK album charts.

Here you are her famous TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, subtitled and with some vocabulary after it.

TURNAROUND: date la vuelta
EVERY NOW AND THEN: de vez en cuando
TO GET LONELY: sentirse solo
TO GET TIRED OF: cansarse de
TO LISTEN TO: escuchar
SOUND: sonido
TEARS: lágrimas
TO GET NERVOUS: ponerse nervioso
TO GO BY: pasar, transcurrir
LOOK: apariencia
BRIGHT EYES: ojos brillantes (llorosos)
TO FALL APART: venirse abajo, desmoronarse
MORE THAN EVER: más que nunca
TO HOLD (someone) TIGHT: abrazar (a alguien) fuerte
TO MAKE IT RIGHT: hacer lo correcto
TO BE WRONG: estar equivocado
TO TAKE IT TO THE END OF THE LINE: llevar algo hasta el final, (acabar las cosas)
SHADOW: sombra
DARK: oscuridad
POWDER KEG: barril de pólvora
GIVE OFF: emitir, echar
SPARKS: chispas
ONCE UPON A TIME: había una vez
TO FALL IN LOVE: enamorarse
TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART: eclipse total del corazón
LIGHT: luz

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Muy bueno, por fin me entero del todo de la letra de esta canción que me gusta tanto. Enhorabuena por la idea! Ya sé que sería mucho trabajo, pero ojalá tuviésemos la posibilidad de oir todas nuestras canciones favoritas de esta forma. Congratulations! Susana Durán

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