lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009


If your level of English is good enough, you may understand this new entry. It is a guided meditation which helps you to find answers to your doubts or, simply, makes you feel better and more relaxed. You only have to sit confortably and follow the instructions given by the female voice. Remember that we, human beings, can only be happy with ourselves and behave properly, if we feel confortable and happy with our soul and our Self. BEING A GOOD PERSON MEANS KNOWING AND ACCEPTING OURSELVES.

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Elenilla :-) dijo...

It is the second time I have the pleasure of experimenting this relaxation and peace. The first one was when I uploaded this video. It is completly amazing how, in just 10 minutes, one can relax and clarify his mind, despite the problems and worries of each day.
I would love to read your experiences and points of views after experiencing this meditation.

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