lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

NOOMI RAPACE habla de su pesonaje Salander:

El siguiente texto es una entrevista a la protagonista de Millenium, Noomi Rapace. Leedlo con atención antes de escuchar el video.

I trainned a lot of kick boxing and thai boxing for seven months or something before the shooting started, because I wanted to be more... a bit more... thinner and a bit more masculine, you know, and also, I wanted to get ready of my female softness, in a way...and I cut my hair, colour in black, I pierce myself and I took moto cycling driving license so I was...I was really working for many months before we started to shoot.

I felt like a rebel, sometimes and...I´m really, really critical to many things and when I was 15, I was a punk rock in the south of Sweeden and I just hated everything in Sweeden and I was always against everything, the police mostly, so I can understand that side of Lisbeth.

It was really important for me to make those scenes as realistic as it was possible because I think that, you know, those kind of situations , in real life, are really brutal and really, you know....if somebody would watch a really rape scene, it would be really terrible and I didn´t want to be, you know, nicer or softer or...I don´t know...I don´t want to escape myself from those kind of situations. I think it´s really important to aaah.. to show how it really is.

I don´t know...this crazy dream about going to Hollywood or something like that because, I...I...really love watch movies and do...movies that are, you know, complicated about more...strange things and complicated things in life because I think that life is pretty hard and, you know, it´s not easy to be..everything that you want to be.

Intenta retener la mayor información que puedas del texto. Si es necesario, vuelve a leerlo.

Ahora sí, pincha aquí para escuchar el video. No leas el texto, sólo escucha.

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Leticia dijo...

No me ha dado tiempo de ver el video; pero la transcripción la comprendo perfectamente....ji ji ji.

Mañana veo el video

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